BMW 335i

The Audiophile’s Dream

Audiophile sound quality… superior craftsmanship… visually elegant. Those were our driving forces when we designed the audio system for this BMW.

We fabricated this system to get the best possible sound while still allowing the driver to enjoy a good life. For example, we didn’t want to burden the trunk with a large, ugly subwoofer enclosure, so we fabricated enclosures that fit perfectly inside the unused space of the rear quarters. Skis can still fit through the rear seat opening, and there is plenty of space for weekend luggage.

In the cabin, the speakers are a harmonious match to rich leather upholstery. We demanded that the fit and finish of our installation be elegant. Our workmanship demonstrates that we are consistent with German design and engineering principles.

The audio components are of incredible quality. The speakers and amplifiers spare nothing. We even analyzed and tuned the the audio system to perfection.

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