Overhead Video Entertainment Monitors in Grand Caravan Crew

Happy Children

This customer wanted to give entertainment to her children on road trips. Also, she wanted to keep her sanity.

As you see in these photos, the original overhead console came factory-equipped with overhead storage compartments. These compartments had no value to our customer because they provided little storage room, and because the children in the second and third rows couldn’t reach them. Our Sound Investment experts were able to reuse these compartments by installing video monitors inside. Now, each monitor shows crisp video, and can be elegantly folded up into the ceiling when not in use.

The factory stereo was not capable of playing back DVD video while in motion, so our geniuses did some rewiring and made magic. Now, a DVD playing in the front dash automatically appears in each of the overhead monitors.

The kids are delighted. So are the parents.

Click on each photo for an enlarged view.

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