Chrysler 300 Forward Firing Enclosure

Elite for Elite

For elite components, we fabricated an elite enclosure.

Like we’ve done before, we first imagined the best sound. This set of components are far from average, so we knew that our customer expected the best sound possible. For this stellar set of subwoofers and amplifiers, we wanted to take advantage of every precious sound. So, we were determined to build an enclosure that would fire all of the subwoofer sound forward, directly into the cabin. To make sure we didn’t waste a drop of sound, we designed the enclosure to be sealed to the inside of the trunk.

Next, we imagined the best look. We wanted to pay respect to the unmistakable Chrysler 300 styling, so we designed the rear of our enclosure to echo the look of the grill. We even included a mesh cover. Luxurious upholstery garnishes the trim bezel.

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